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Surgical Adhesive Tapes

Surgical Adhesive Tapes Supplier

Celadon's surgical tape is real breathable; it can keeps human skin breath & perspire normally with super - Ultra high air permeability and soft and conformable for maximum user comfort.


Wound care, device holding & fixing. All skin contact applications.
Doesn't absorb X-ray and may be left in place for radiography.


Self wound, white rayon fabric, carrying net form polyacrylate adhesive, provides both diffusivity and physically transfer passage to air and moist vapors.


Adhesion to Steel = 0.55kg/in
MVTR = 4800g/m2/24hrs (ASTM E96B, 38°C, 65%RH)
MVTR = 1420g/m2/24hrs (ASTM E96B, 25°C, 50%RH)
Air Permeability = 263 cub.ft/sq.ft/min (ASTM 737-1996, pressure 125 Pa)
Air Porosity = 15sec/100c.c./in2
Tensile Strength (MD) = 3.6kg/in
Elongation (MD) = 22%


2" x 10yds, 1" x 10yds, 0.5" x 10yds and custom size upon request.


White & tan.


1" x 10yds - 12RLs/Box
0.5" x 10yds - 24RLS/Box
2" x 10yds - 6RLS/Box
Custom logo & packing upon request