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Celadon sandblasting tape helps assure cost effective design production. Quality stencil allows hassle free cutting performance that yields consistently professional results.
Sandblasting Tapes

Sandblasting Adhesive Tapes

Celvinyl Resist Roll - 8 ml, 18" x 60'

Strong clear vinyl tape formulated for stability and slip resistance. Cuts cleanly and holds intricate patterns. Improve adhesive for easy removal.
Mounted on release liner.
It is Suitable for light to medium duty sandblasting, also suitable for acid etching.

Celrubber Resist Roll - 39 ml, 24" x 30'

Celrubber is the best choice for sandblasting. It is a highly durable rubber sandblasting stencil that has superior adhesion to glass and has a number of benefits. It stands up to the stress of deep glass carving. It's also easier to see the layout with more contrast and depth and is easy to remove once the project is complete.

Here are some tips straight from our sandblasting pros that will help you get your project done right. First of all, make sure your glass surface is clean, dry and dust free so that the resist adheres to the surface better. This simple point is driven home when you are sandblasting and your resist for some reason begins to fall off. One factor of that is your glass may not have been cleaned! Celrubber superior adhesion helps prevent resist failure and pattern blowout. Also, you can reduce pattern distortion by allowing the stencil to relax. After unrolling the resist and removing the liner, but before applying it to the glass, allow the stencil to relax for a few minutes. This point becomes very important when attempting to sandblast straight lines and any time you're looking for an excellent result.