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Decorative Glitter Films

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Material TPU, Rigid PVC, OPP & PET (Polyester)
Color Silver, Gold, Red, Blue, Green, Black etc. Custom color available upon request.

Our glitter films are glitter coated plastic film, currently we have TPU, PET and PVC glitter film available. Our films are suitable for interior decoration, stationery, sports ware, fashion accessories etc.

Glitter Film

Materia \ Sspec.
Width (cm)
Length (m)
PVC 0.40mm 100/124 400 Various Purpose, Craft Decorations, House Ware, Stationery, Fashion Accessories.
TPU 0.50mm 100/1240 300
PET 0.3mm 100/1240 300
Paper(250gsm) 0.50mm 100/1240 300