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Thermal Conductive Adhesive Tapes

Thermal Conductive Tapes & Electrical Adhesive Tapes

Conductive Fabric Adhesive Tape:

Special design for electronics assembly operations - from attaching EMI shields and gaskets to grounding and bonding flexible circuits - meanwhile to improve product performance and reliability. Can be hand or machine applied and die cut to virtually any shape.


1. Conductive Fabric: 130gsm Cu & Ni plated PET fabric.
2. Conductive Adhesive: Modified acrylic resin with conductive fillers.
3. Shielding Effectiveness: 30~2000MHz
4. Conductivity of Adhesive: Surface resistance Rs=0.05Ω, applied with 2kg of vertical force.

Thermal Adhesive Tapes:


As electronics devices became more sophisticated, heat production from computer parts and IC chips increased, conventional method such as forced cooling methods or heat dissipation sheets are insufficient to cool or dissipate heat, thus "thermal design" become major issue to be considered. Celadon developed a heat dissipation sheet with superior thermal conductivity and electrical insulation, by adding thermal- conductive fillers to silicon PSA resin to produce a unique thermal solution for computer industrial. Our conductive adhesive tapes are using:

  • Silicon PSA as the matrix resin, it offers excellent thermal conductivity and easy installation.
  • Excellently fits to uneven surfaces with good stress relaxation.
  • Various types of thickness are available to suit various gaps.