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Double Coated Adhesive Tapes

Double Coated Adhesive Tapes

Adhesive Tape Series Feature and Usage:

  • With all kinds of adhesive and substrate to meet various applications.
  • Custom design for specific application.
  • Suitable for shoe, leather, garment, nameplates, stationery, furniture, electronic and other industrial purpose.
Carrier Material
Release Liner
Foam Acrylic & Rubber, Thermal Plastic or Thermal Setting Paper & Plastic Film PE, EVA, PU foam tapes suitable for rough surface adherence, impact absorbance and weather proof sealing.
Tissue Paper
Japanese Paper
Acrylic & Rubber, Thermal Plastic or Thermal Setting Paper Suitable for packing, handicraft manufacturing, stationery and all lamination purpose.
Plastic Film Acrylic & Rubber, Thermal Activated Adhesive Paper & Plastic Film OPP, PET double coated tape, suitable for graphic mounting with crystal clear adhesive.
No Carrier Modified Poly-Acrylic Adhesive Paper Fastening thinner-layer plates. Small parts and foams
Textile Fabric Modified Poly-Acrylic Adhesive Paper Hi-tack and high tensile strength. Ideal for carpet, flooring, and telephone wire fixing.
Fabric hand tear-able; no residue after removal.