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Company Profile of Celadon Technology Company:

Celadon (coating) Technology Co., is a Taiwan based organization established in 2006 and deliver manufacturing services in our own brand and OEM through international markets.
The name "Celadon" signifies one of the Asian leading manufacturers of coating, laminating, printing and embossing, to provide innovative material in multi-industrial market with significant & consistent quality.
Celadon is significant in manufacturing and new product developing, weˇ¦ve established standards, providing unrivaled performance and become the leader of its industry through consistent quality and production values.
We will always provide clients with professional services and satisfy customer demands through innovation and steadfast intent.

The establishment of our lab was to assist sales cooperation with all our clients, to strengthen the capability in new product development, to elevate quality management and to improve value added property to all our products so our business relationship with our client can last forever.

In achieving and maintaining product quality, consistency and competitiveness, we had set forward the Standard Operating Procedures throughout all our production and converting process. At the same time, we incorporated the new state-of-art manufacturing facilities for our professional team to achieve standardized production process.

Quality assurance
Our quality assurance system monitors our product from developing to application of the end user.

Environmental responsibility
We care for our only earth by taking all methods to collect and to recycle all materials weˇ¦ve processed during converting and manufacturing to prevent all possible damage to our planet. We are committed not only to contribute to sustain economic development but also to improve environmental quality of our living earth.